Education for Youth

Afrique Integre is a non profit charity based in England and the Ivory Coast to support children's education. 

We started this journey on the 9th May, 2020 during the worst pandemic period of confinement.

Children's education has been continuously disrupted by various lock downs in most places throughout England and the Ivory coast since the pandemic started. This is why we here at Afrique Integre have decided to help support children, as we are aware that they deserve the best education in order to succeed not only in their academic studies, however in their general life skills too .

Therefore we have successfully established learning programs for students in our local community center. Along with instilling confidence and creating a space for creativity we offer online code clubs and support in core subjects such as Maths and English along with various others courses.

Empowering Education

At Afrique Integre we strive to provide our youth the basic in programming by running code club in our community centers. Furthermore as teachers and educators we understand the importance of a holistic  approach to education and offer courses in core subjects such as Mathematics and English. This will empower students to develop their numeracy and literacy skills. 

Our online club allows students to apply their new knowledge in coding and further enhance  a new generation of programmers to develop technology at an early age.


How to support our organisation  and empower children's education


Please give generously to our cause to help reach our objective and resolve issues that prevents people from improving their life.

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Materials, volunteers, equipment or other assets that can be drawn on by Afrique Integre in order to function effectively.


Community centers, lands, buildings, open spaces are all welcome to help achieve our objectives.

It is every child's right to be educated

Children need ongoing support to receive the best education 

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Address: Church Road, London, NW10 UK


Charity registered in England and Wales No 1197917